Life Being Free is a resource and news site for freedom fighters worldwide.

If you are here then you have realised humanity is heading in the wrong direction. People have lost their morals, love for one another and universal truths.

Seeing mainstream institutions pushing fear and control, many people are now starting to question reality.  

Life Being Free is a freedom-loving family committed to spreading knowledge you won’t find on T.V.

It is now more important than ever to start educating each other on higher consciousness ideas. Let’s start cultivating new habits that can benefit all of the human race.

Time for a wake-up call. Now lets turn planet earth into a place we can be proud to call home.


To help educate everyone around important topics which are being neglected by our governments, leaders, intuitions and churches.

Be a resource center you can go to for real honest news articles, important websites and videos to share with friends and family.

To encourage you and let you know millions of people around the world feel the same way and have come to the understanding we have been deceived and lied to for many years.

To take by our sovereign rights from corporately owned politicians and governments. Empowering you to know your voice can be heard, you are important and to take action!

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Our goal is to have this website shared around the world and to be a go to website for like-minded individuals to help wake up their loved ones to the truth.

Life Being Free wants to build communities of activists and freedom loving people. Who do not want to be controlled or coerced into anything. Are action takers and genuinely want the human race to thrive.

We are looking forward to partnering with hundreds of freedom fighters in the future who want to share their content on our platform.

Let’s grow together.

To help you grow spiritually and save you thousands of researching hours, we have compiled one of the best online drives full of censorship free content.

Forever growing and all content is downloadable.